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New York City has many bicycle clubs and groups. There are tour groups and organizations with organized rides throughout the year that will take you through the city, its parks and out into the countryside. The city also has clubs that cater to the gay community and to mountain bike enthusiasts.

If you want to explore New York by bicycle with guided tours or by venturing out on your own with maps, there are groups to contact. For city residents, they can find organizations that combine socializing and riding to those that have well-organized rides with team leaders and provide fitness and bike maintenance training. Other clubs are exclusively racing organizations that are open to competitors of all levels.

The following is a partial list sites that target New York cyclists:

New York Bicycle Messenger Association (NYBMA)

An exclusive group for bicycle messengers, or couriers, within New York CIty is the New York Bicycle Messenger Association or NYBMA. This organization operates as a social club, organizer for charity rides and fundraiser for various groups in the city, and as a resource guide for city bike couriers.

The club publishes a Know Your Rights Manual for NYC Messengers that includes the laws and regulations pertaining to bicyclists and to messengers. It contains lists of low cost and free medical clinics, police stations, messenger-friendly bike shops, and bicycle lawyers.

Bike and Roll

This group offers riders guided tours and rental bikes and gives you an option of going your own way along with a choice of a sailing activity from Manhattan. They have non-guided and guided tours that provide the bicycles for individuals, corporate outings, family rides and special events rides.

The guided tours include Central Park and will take you over the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges and offer informative and entertaining rides that last from 2-3 hours. The tour is called the Green NYC Flexpass and includes a full day bike rental, helmet, lock, bike tube and pump, and map.

New York Tours

Another touring group is New York Tours, which includes the Guided Brooklyn Bridge Bicycle Tour that begins in Battery Park and onto the Brooklyn Bridge and eventually the Manhattan Bridge.

Other tours will take riders along the Hudson River on safe, traffic-free paths where riders will view the Statute of Liberty and other fantastic views. There are also Central Park tours that focus on famous movie scenes or on architectural attractions or just take you through the park.

For residents, the following organizations are some of the many clubs that offer organized rides with team leaders and allows members to expand their social circle as well as to challenge their fitness levels, or allows them to compete in all racing categories.

Five Borough Bicycle Club (SBBC)

This is a fascinating club that is for the casual and the competitive rider. They schedule rides every weekend and holidays and offer weekend trips as well. You can join the group for only $20 per year, which includes a subscription to their bi-monthly Bicycletter that has a calendar of their monthly rides. They also offer maintenance courses, maps and organized rides.

The club also offers seminars on long-distance riding as well as bike repair.

New York Cycle Club (NYCC)

This organization is one of the oldest bicycling groups in the city having been founded in 1936. The club offers rides not only in New York City and surrounding counties, but in New Jersey and Connecticut as well. From 140 members in 1980, It now boasts over 2,000 members of all levels and has a speaker series where the club invites cycling industry experts to talk about the latest developments in bicycle design, training and other areas of interest.

Membership in the club is $22 per year and discounts are often offered at New York and New Jersey bike shops.

Kissena Cycling Club

Kissena Cycling Club is for riders who are serious about racing, although the approximately 100 members includes juniors and seniors. Their club boasts George Hincapie as a former member and are dedicated to teaching and improving its members’ race skills. They organize and promoting up to 60 races per year.

Fast and Fabulous Cycling Club

This is one of New York’s gay, lesbian and trans-gender bicycle clubs that sponsors a number of social events along with weekly rides and a monthly dinner at restaurants around the city. Members also participate in races and volunteer events and have a coach who will provide tips, training and other pointers for a fee.

New York City Mountain Bikers Meetup Group

Although NYC does not really offer too much for mountain bikers, this group organizes rides to Connecticut and Westchester County for rugged trail riding. They also offer discounts to members on kayak trips, bike shops and to their boot camp training. The club is free to join.

Brooklyn Mountain Biking

A small group of about 220 riders with riders of all abilities, this Brooklyn-based club focuses on downhill and freeriding. They venture out into the wilds of New Jersey and Connecticut as well as New York. The club rides all year long and its members compete in various competitions and engage in numerous planned social gatherings. They also provide links to other mountain bike meetup clubs.

Bike to Adventure

Another of the “meetup” groups, this club fancies itself on casual riding and frequent stopping for refreshments and food. Their rides encompass the city as well as areas of New England and New Jersey. The group also includes hiking, camping and visits to sites of historical interest as part of their activities.

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Important note: The above list is provided for convenience only. Hill & Moin, LLP does not recommend or endorse any of the clubs or activities listed above and does not take responsibility for any disputes or accidents that occur as a result. Bicycle riding offers a great way to meet new people and keep in shape, however their are inherent dangers and risks - So pedal safely!

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