Injured Bicyclist Switches Attorneys and the New Attorneys Hill and Moin Obtain $190,000.00 Settlement

November 30th, 2022 by

Ms. C.A.T., was riding her bicycle along Canal Street, New York, when she was struck by another bicycle and sustained a left arm fracture.

Unhappy with her original attorneys, Ms. C.A.T. contacted Hill and Moin who immediately addressed Ms. C.A.T’s concerns and pursued her remedy.

Ms. C.A.T. explained that Hill and Moin are incredibly professional attorneys and wonderful people to entrust her case. She is really thrilled with the outcome of the case.

Ms. C.A.T added that her phone calls were always answered, and concerns were always addressed in a timely manner, and the multilingual staff at Hill and Moin made the communication easier.

Ms. C.A.T. concluded that her experience at Hill and Moin has been a memorable and lucrative one.