Defective Sidewalk Caused Scooter to Fall. Injured Rider Receives Six Figure Settlement.

September 15th, 2021 by

Mr. Andrei was riding a scooter when the wheels of the scooter got caught on the defective sidewalk and caused him to fall to the ground. The incident resulted in Mr. Andrei suffering an ankle fracture.

Mr. Andrei consulted with Hill and Moin LLP and was confident that the firm would help him achieve the best result possible, and they certainly did.

The hard work of the attorneys at Hill and Moin LLP paid off and the client praised them for all they did to reach the outstanding settlement.

Mr. Andrei highly recommends Hill & Moin to anyone who has suffered a serious personal injury as a result of a negligence and is looking for high quality and professional legal representation.

Pedestrian Injured After Trip & Fall On Defective Sidewalk Awarded $375,000 Settlement

July 30th, 2021 by

RM was walking to his friend’s house when he tripped and fell due to a defective sidewalk. Due to this fall, RM fractured his left wrist and underwent surgery.

RM searched for legal representation and was referred to the law firm of Hill & Moin LLP. He called their office and the attorneys at Hill & Moin LLP began working on his case right away. Although the case was fiercely litigated by defense counsel, RM became the happy recipient of a $375,000 settlement.

When Hill & Moin informed RM of his settlement award, he was ecstatic. RM was very grateful that Hill & Moin LLP was able to obtain this settlement, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. He described Hill & Moin LLP as an excellent firm providing the best representation. RM plans to use some of his settlement proceeds to build a house in his home country for his son and take entrepreneur classes to start his own auto business. RM wholeheartedly recommends Hill & Moin LLP to anyone searching for proven legal representation.

What Are the Most Common Premises Liability Claims?

July 23rd, 2021 by

Slip-and-falls are among the most common premises liability cases, but premises liability law goes far beyond slipping, tripping, and falling. Premises liability refers to the duty of care that property owners have towards others.

Some property owners neglect their responsibilities, which could lead to property damage and serious injuries. When this happens in New York, victims can contact the personal injury lawyers of Hill & Moin to learn their legal options.

Most Common Types of Premises Liability Cases

What are the most common premises liability claims?

  • Slip and fall injuries: Though people fall for many reasons, some of them are preventable. For instance, if employees do not clean spills promptly or fail to warn customers of wet floors, an injured individual could pursue personal injury damages. If negligence played a role in an accident, the responsible party could be held liable.
  • Poisonings or exposure to toxic materials: Sometimes, people get sick because they have been exposed to toxins or fumes at work or in a rented house. Common environmental toxins include carbon monoxide, asbestos, lead, and pesticides.
  • Construction accidents: You could benefit from professional guidance every step of the way when you hire a personal injury attorney after a construction accident. Our knowledgeable legal team has assisted clients in navigating the complex workers’ compensation system, even undocumented workers. We can also give you additional options in the case your claim was recently denied. As a visitor to a construction site, you have rights too. Call (212) 668-6000 for a free case evaluation.
  • Elevator or escalator accidents: Elevators and similar machinery require continual maintenance to function well. Suppose a business owner, for example, does not inspect and repair an elevator on a regular basis. In that case, he or she could face a personal injury lawsuit if someone is hurt in the elevator.
  • Fire injuries: In New York, buildings must meet fire safety codes. A property owner who ignores these regulations could put people’s lives in danger.
  • Dog bites: Did a dog attack you or your child in New York? You may seek damages, such as medical costs and veterinary bills, if a dangerous dog bit you. To learn your rights, request a free legal consultation today.
  • Inadequate security: Diligent property owners do what they can to keep their land or buildings safe. Broken or missing cameras and locks or poor lighting can add up to a dangerous situation for people visiting the property. If employees or customers sustain injuries during a robbery, assault, or act of vandalism, New Yorkers can contact our law firm to receive a free consultation. There’s no obligation to hire us, and you could discover that you are due significant compensation.

Of course, there are many other cases that may be covered by premises liability law but are not mentioned in this list. Why not send a message to let us know about your case?

Common Damages Your Claim Could Pursue

Your confidential case review could reveal that you are eligible for financial compensation, such as:

  • Medical expenses: Many people underestimate the impact of medical bills after a premises liability accident. In addition to causing unnecessary stress, medical debt may ruin your credit score for years in the future.
  • Lost wages: Hill & Moin attorneys understand that each day matters when you are struggling to support your family. When you miss work because of your injuries, a premises liability settlement could pay for a significant portion of your lost wages.
  • Psychological injuries: Physical pain and the trauma of an accident can affect your emotional and mental well-being. The experienced lawyers across our network can help you investigate your legal remedies for compensation.
  • Property damage: If your car or house got damaged in a premises liability accident, you could seek financial compensation for repairs or the replacement value.
  • Funeral and burial costs: When someone dies in a premises liability accident, surviving family members may file a wrongful death claim to cover reasonable expenses for a funeral service.

The Time You Have Left To File a Claim Depends On Your Case

In New York, premises liability lawsuits are subject to a deadline called the statute of limitations. After a specific period of time passes, you could lose your eligibility to pursue justice and financial compensation for your case. You have the right to sue for proper compensation, but time could run out if you wait too long.

You may have more or less time to act when compared with other premises liability claims. It all depends. The statute of limitations differs by circumstances, and a knowledgeable attorney can explain these to you.

On behalf of our clients, we have won lawsuits that paid for thousands of dollars of past and future medical treatment and rehabilitation costs. Would you like to secure your future?

The sooner you contact Hill & Moin personal injury lawyers, the sooner you can learn how our Personal Injury Recovery SolutionsⓇ can work for you. Reach out to us at (212) 668-6000 or fill out the brief contact form. Don’t wonder about your rights!

Diner Cook Who Slipped & Fall on Brooklyn Apartment Building Stairs Wins $1.1 Million Verdict

June 14th, 2021 by

P. Delgado, a hard-working father of 4 children, prepared to leave for work and began heading downstairs in his apartment building. He fell down the interior steps. Mr. Delgado suffered a fractured right elbow and underwent surgery.

A colleague recommended that Mr. Delgado contact Hill & Moin, superb trial lawyers. After energetic litigation, the case came up for trial just before the pandemic. The settlement offer was too low and the Hill & Moin attorneys forged ahead to a full trial where the jury awarded Mr. Delgado $1.1. million dollars.

Upon receiving the news of the verdict, P. Delgado was amazed and ecstatic. He could not have been happier with his attorneys. He praised their legal skills and the great communication with the entire staff. He considers himself most fortunate to have completed one of the last trials before the health emergency, and moreover, to have the best personal injury attorneys accept his case and litigate it to a glorious result. P. Delgado highly recommends Hill & Moin to any victims of personal injury incidents who is looking for highly skilled and qualified legal representation.

Tenant Who Suffered Trip & Fall From Defective Step in NYCHA Building Receives Six Figure Settlement

March 17th, 2021 by

J.M. was living in a NYCHA building with his girlfriend. He had decided to head outside and took the stairs. He was going down the stairs when he tripped and fell due to a defective step. This incident resulted in J.M. suffering a fractured left foot.

J.M.’s search for a well-established and professional law office with decades of experience led him to Hill & Moin. He investigated their prior results and knew this was the firm for him. He gave them a call and their office immediately began working on his premises liability case. Thanks to their legal expertise and determination to obtain the best results, J.M. became the recipient of a six-figure settlement.

J.M. was very pleased upon learning the outcome of his case. He described working with Hill & Moin as excellent and commended their great communication skills and exceptional staff. J.M. highly recommends Hill & Moin to anyone who has suffered a serious personal injury as a result of an accident and is looking for high quality legal representation.

Civilian Who Suffered Slip & Fall On Ice in Parking Lot Receives $260,000 Settlement

March 13th, 2021 by

Audrey C. and her husband were heading to their car that was parked in a parking lot. She had noticed that a truck was blocking the exit to the driveway and her car would not be able to squeeze through. She decided to walk over to the two truck drivers to ask that they move their truck and as she was walking over, she slipped and fell due to ice. Audrey C. suffered a fractured leg.

Audrey C. began searching for legal representation and was recommended by a colleague to Hill & Moin. Although the case was complicated by a bankruptcy, through Hill & Moin’s many years of experience and legal expertise, Audrey C. became the recipient of a $260,000 settlement. The client raved about the quality of legal representation she received and could not have been happier with the outcome.

Visitor Who Suffered Trip & Fall Accident On Defective Stairs Receives $355,000 Settlement

February 26th, 2021 by

M.L. never could have imagined that a visit to her sister would end in a fall on defective steps causing a fractured ankle. She knew that she would pursue her legal remedy.

M.L. decided to search for a reputable law firm with many years of experience and proven results and was recommended to Hill & Moin. Upon contacting the office of Hill & Moin, she sat with premises liability attorneys who understood what she was going through and explained all the nuances of the legal proceedings. Thanks to their hard work and legal expertise M.L. knew she had attained the best possible results – a $355,000 settlement.

M.L. was very impressed and ecstatic with all that Sandy and Cheryl did for her. She appreciated all of the attorney and staff members’ exceptional communication skills in answering her questions and responding to her concerns. M.L. plans to use some of her settlement proceeds to go on vacation to Puerto Rico and visit friends and relatives. She recommends Hill & Moin to all seriously injured victims looking for experienced and reputable legal representation.

Retired Dentist Who Suffered Trip & Fall Due To Defective Sidewalk Receives $350,000 Settlement

February 9th, 2021 by

G.D., a retired dentist, wanted to enjoy a cool and beautiful summer night. He met up with his son to catch up and walk over to the boardwalk. G.D.’s son was walking in front of his father when he suddenly heard his father fall behind it. This incident was caused by a defective sidewalk and resulted in G.D. suffering a torn meniscus, partial ACL tear in his right knee and fractured arm.

G.D. began his search for a high quality and reputable law firm with proven prior results and was recommended to Hill & Moin. He looked into the firm and was impressed by their prior results and the high reviews online by former clients. G.D. contacted and retained the firm. Hill & Moin immediately went to work on his slip and fall case and thanks to their legal expertise, drive and determination to achieve the best results, G.D. was the recipient of a $350,000 settlement.

G.D. was very impressed upon learning the outcome of his case. He described working with Hill & Moin as excellent and commended the staff members for their wonderful communication. G.D. highly recommends Hill & Moin to those looking for a most qualified and excellent law firm to handle their personal injury cases.

Brooklyn Churchgoer Who Fell Down Church Step Receives $295,000 Settlement

January 29th, 2021 by

Little did T.S. know that when she went to the church food pantry, she would fall on an unmarked step when exiting the premises, resulting in a fracture of her left knee.

While searching for a top-notch personal injury firm, she was recommended to Hill & Moin. T.S. did her research and was extremely impressed by the firm’s prior results and settlements. She retained the firm and, thanks to Hill & Moin’s dedication, T.S. was the recipient of a $295,000 settlement.

T.S. was excited about the unexpected outcome of her trip and fall case. T.S. emphasized that the attorneys did an excellent job handling her litigation and praised the staff who treated her so well. T.S. plans to use some of her settlement proceeds to renovate her house. T.S. recommends that seriously injured victims of negligence in New York City and New York State contact Hill & Moin.