Tenant Who Suffered Trip & Fall From Defective Step in NYCHA Building Receives Six Figure Settlement

March 17th, 2021 by

J.M. was living in a NYCHA building with his girlfriend. He had decided to head outside and took the stairs. He was going down the stairs when he tripped and fell due to a defective step. This incident resulted in J.M. suffering a fractured left foot.

J.M.’s search for a well-established and professional law office with decades of experience led him to Hill & Moin. He investigated their prior results and knew this was the firm for him. He gave them a call and their office immediately began working on his case. Thanks to their legal expertise and determination to obtain the best results, J.M. became the recipient of a six-figure settlement.

J.M. was very pleased upon learning the outcome of his case. He described working with Hill & Moin as excellent and commended their great communication skills and exceptional staff. J.M. highly recommends Hill & Moin to anyone who has suffered a serious personal injury as a result of an accident and is looking for high quality legal representation.

Civilian Who Suffered Slip & Fall On Ice in Parking Lot Receives $260,000 Settlement

March 13th, 2021 by

Audrey C. and her husband were heading to their car that was parked in a parking lot. She had noticed that a truck was blocking the exit to the driveway and her car would not be able to squeeze through. She decided to walk over to the two truck drivers to ask that they move their truck and as she was walking over, she slipped and fell due to ice. Audrey C. suffered a fractured leg.

Audrey C. began searching for legal representation and was recommended by a colleague to Hill & Moin. Although the case was complicated by a bankruptcy, through Hill & Moin’s many years of experience and legal expertise, Audrey C. became the recipient of a $260,000 settlement. The client raved about the quality of legal representation she received and could not have been happier with the outcome.

Visitor Who Suffered Trip & Fall Accident On Defective Stairs Receives $355,000 Settlement

February 26th, 2021 by

M.L. never could have imagined that a visit to her sister would end in a fall on defective steps causing a fractured ankle. She knew that she would pursue her legal remedy.

M.L. decided to search for a reputable law firm with many years of experience and proven results and was recommended to Hill & Moin. Upon contacting the office of Hill & Moin, she sat with attorneys who understood what she was going through and explained all the nuances of the legal proceedings. Thanks to their hard work and legal expertise M.L. knew she had attained the best possible results – a $355,000 settlement.

M.L. was very impressed and ecstatic with all that Sandy and Cheryl did for her. She appreciated all of the attorney and staff members’ exceptional communication skills in answering her questions and responding to her concerns. M.L. plans to use some of her settlement proceeds to go on vacation to Puerto Rico and visit friends and relatives. She recommends Hill & Moin to all seriously injured victims looking for experienced and reputable legal representation.

Retired Dentist Who Suffered Trip & Fall Due To Defective Sidewalk Receives $350,000 Settlement

February 9th, 2021 by

G.D., a retired dentist, wanted to enjoy a cool and beautiful summer night. He met up with his son to catch up and walk over to the boardwalk. G.D.’s son was walking in front of his father when he suddenly heard his father fall behind it. This incident was caused by a defective sidewalk and resulted in G.D. suffering a torn meniscus, partial ACL tear in his right knee and fractured arm.

G.D. began his search for a high quality and reputable law firm with proven prior results and was recommended to Hill & Moin. He looked into the firm and was impressed by their prior results and the high reviews online by former clients. G.D. contacted and retained the firm. Hill & Moin immediately went to work on his case and thanks to their legal expertise, drive and determination to achieve the best results, G.D. was the recipient of a $350,000 settlement.

G.D. was very impressed upon learning the outcome of his case. He described working with Hill & Moin as excellent and commended the staff members for their wonderful communication. G.D. highly recommends Hill & Moin to those looking for a most qualified and excellent law firm to handle their personal injury cases.

Brooklyn Churchgoer Who Fell Down Church Step Receives $295,000 Settlement

January 29th, 2021 by

Little did T.S. know that when she went to the church food pantry, she would fall on an unmarked step when exiting the premises, resulting in a fracture of her left knee.

While searching for a top-notch personal injury firm, she was recommended to Hill & Moin. T.S. did her research and was extremely impressed by the firm’s prior results and settlements. She retained the firm and, thanks to Hill & Moin’s dedication, T.S. was the recipient of a $295,000 settlement.

T.S. was excited about the unexpected outcome of her case. T.S. emphasized that the attorneys did an excellent job handling her litigation and praised the staff who treated her so well. T.S. plans to use some of her settlement proceeds to renovate her house. T.S. recommends that seriously injured victims of negligence in New York City and New York State contact Hill & Moin.