Slip and Fall victim wins $450,000 in lawsuit

March 30th, 2023 by

What Dilorom believed to be another normal walk to work, turned out to be a day she’d never forget. A dangerous sidewalk defect caused Dilorom to trip and fall. The impact of the fall caused injuries to her knees and ankles. These injuries restricted movement, caused unbearable amounts of pain and limited life in so many ways. With endless efforts towards recovery and little hope, Dilorom reached out to a friend asking for help. She was referred to the law office of Hill & Moin. Once she explained what happened to her, the team at Hill & Moin got to work. In no time, the attorneys opened her case and demanded justice for Dilorom. During the entire process, Dilorom was appreciative that everyone on the Hill & Moin team respected her and developed a polite and friendly relationship with her, throughout one of the hardest times in her life.

After many rounds of negotiations, and tireless nights of hard work, the Hill & Moin team negotiated a $450,000 settlement for a delighted client. Finally, while the pain and suffering could not be erased, she could move on in her life. With her settlement, Dilorom will now help her friends and family, who sustained her during her recovery, and she will slowly try to rebuild the life she once had.

Horrific Car Accident Results in New Beginnings

March 30th, 2023 by

Sarah O. was on her way to work while sitting in the back seat of her coworker’s vehicle. She had no idea that one ride was going to change her life forever. Frighteningly, Sarah O. and her coworkers were impacted by a vehicle travelling an unsafe speed of 100 MPH! The high speed caused catastrophic injuries to the vehicle occupants, sending everyone in the vehicle to the emergency room. Upon arrival at the hospital, Sarah was found to have head, hip, and elbow injuries that kept her confined to bed for almost 2 months.

Seeking legal help, Sarah O. contacted Hill and Moin. The attorneys at Hill and Moin worked diligently, until Sarah was compensated for all she had experienced. In no time she received a settlement that will now help her fulfill her plans of buying a new home and taking a well-deserved vacation.

Mother Who Tripped on Broken Tiles in Apartment Obtains $150,000 Settlement

March 27th, 2023 by

R. Hernandez was walking in the kitchen of her apartment. She tripped and fell due to broken and uneven tiles. As a result of this incident, she suffered fractures to her left ankle. Due to the unbearable pain of these injuries, R. Hernandez called an ambulance and was transported to a nearby hospital.

R. Hernandez decided to search for legal representation. She contacted a colleague who advised her to call Hill & Moin. She took the advice and gave their office a call. Upon receiving the call, Hill & Moin set up an appointment to see her immediately. When she met with the partners of the firm, they assured her that they would fight to get her the best settlement possible. They addressed all of her concerns, answered her questions, and explained the legal process. After extensive negotiations, R. Hernandez’s case was settled for $150,000.

When R. Hernandez was informed of the settlement, she was very happy and extremely satisfied. She described her experience with Hill & Moin as excellent and that it was a pleasure to work with such a caring firm. She stated that the attorneys and staff at Hill & Moin were great and hospitable. R. Hernandez plans to use her settlement proceeds to purchase a home.

Woman Injured in Trip & Fall in Supermarket Receives $400,000 Settlement

March 3rd, 2023 by

I.R. was shopping at her local Key Food in Forest Hills, New York when she was suddenly caused to trip and fall over a 6-inch-high box that defendants had left at the end of the aisle. This fall resulted in I.R. fracturing her left hip. An ambulance was called and I.R. was transported to a nearby hospital. I.R. had a total left hip replacement the following day.

I.R. decided to hire Hill and Moin after being referred to the firm by another attorney. Their office went to her home to meet her and conduct an intake. Her attorneys assured her that they would work as diligently as possible on her case to achieve the best outcome. Thanks to months of devotion to their client’s case, I.R.’s case was settled for $400,000.

I.R. was overjoyed when she was informed of the settlement. She thanked her attorneys for being very helpful, kind, warm, and responsive during every stage of her case. She was also pleased with the staff’s professionalism and communication skills. I.R. was extremely satisfied with her experience with Hill and Moin.

Insurance Carrier Tenders Full Policy for Injured Driver

January 26th, 2023 by

J.M. was driving with his mother in Queens, NY. While waiting for the red light to change, J.M. was unexpectedly rear-ended by another vehicle. Due to the intensity of the impact, J.M suffered injuries in his neck, back, and legs. J.M’s new routine now included recurring physical therapy and doctors’ appointments, in an effort to one day reach a point where he no longer will be in constant pain and discomfort.

J.M decided to hire legal representation and came across the Hill and Moin’s website. Once retained, Hill and Moin made it their mission to make sure J.M was compensated for the discomfort now part of his everyday life. Grateful for the hard work done by his attorneys, J.M recommends Hill and Moin to anyone seeking legal help. J.M was thrilled that Hill and Moin was able to put a smile back on his face after his unfortunate accident. He now plans to get his real estate license and move on in his life to a brighter future.

Woman Injured in Trip & Fall On Defective Sidewalk Receives Outstanding Settlement

January 18th, 2023 by

G.D. was walking outside with her daughter on a nice summer day. They were enjoying each other’s company. But that all changed when G.D. tripped and fell due to a defective elevated sidewalk. This fall resulted in G.D. suffering injuries to her left wrist and left shoulder that required immediate medical attention. An ambulance was called and G.D. was transported to a nearby hospital.

G.D. began her search for legal representation. She contacted an attorney who recommended to her to call Hill & Moin. G.D. called their office and, after conducting an intake, an appointment was made for her to come to their office. The attorneys met with G.D., explained the legal process, answered her questions, and assured her that they would fight to obtain the best possible compensation for her. After months of negotiations, a settlement was reached.

When G.D. was informed of the news, she was impressed and joyous. She stated that Hill & Moin did an excellent job handling her case. She commended their office’s communication with her throughout her case. G.D. stated that she would absolutely recommend Hill & Moin to anyone in need of personal injury legal representation from one of the top-notch firms in New York.

Driver involved in head-on collision accident happily receives excellent settlement within short period of time

January 18th, 2023 by

Mr. Fritzner Felix was the driver of a vehicle that was involved in a head-on collision between the intersection of Flatbush Avenue and Alton Place in Brooklyn.

Mr. Felix sustained a right shoulder tear as a result of the accident. He contacted Hill and Moin and received the best consultation and guidance.

Mr. Felix mentioned that choosing the right attorney can be an intimidating process and that he had a very pleasant journey with Hill and Moin throughout his case.

Mr. Fritzner concluded that anyone looking for an attorney with strong credentials, quick and professional representation should contact Hill and Moin right away!

Woman Injured in Slip & Fall Down Building Stairs Receives $695,000 Settlement

December 6th, 2022 by

M.V. had gone to visit her daughter. She was heading down the stairs to exit the apartment building when she slipped and fell. She fell down 2 flights of stairs. There were no guardrails or handrails on the stairs. As a result of this incident, M.V. suffered a fractured left knee and left leg that required immediate hospitalization, surgery, and years of medical treatment.

M.V. had decided to seek legal representation for this incident. A friend recommended that she contact Hill & Moin LLP. She called their office and, after conducting an intake, their office went to her home to meet her and take photos of her injuries. They conducted an investigation and assured her that they would fight and work as hard as possible on her case to secure the best possible outcome. Thanks to their drive, determination, and dedication to their client’s case, M.V. was settled for $695,000.

When M.V. was informed of the settlement, she was elated. She thanked Hill & Moin for working diligently on her case and for maintaining excellent communication with her. She said that the office handled her case perfectly and that the staff and slip and fall attorneys were cordial and professional. She stated that she will recommend Hill & Moin to anyone who is looking for top-notch legal representation for personal injury accidents in New York.

Passenger Injured in Auto Rear-End Accident Receives Full Insurance Policy Settlement and More

December 5th, 2022 by

M.T-A. was a passenger in a vehicle that was on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. There was heavy traffic at the time. Another vehicle rear-ended the vehicle she was in and as a result, she suffered neck pain, head pain, back pain, a partial tear in her left shoulder and a torn left meniscus that required surgery.

M.T-A. began seeking legal representation for this accident. She reached out to a colleague who recommended her to Hill & Moin LLP. When she called their office, they immediately set up an appointment for her to come to the office and meet the staff and attorneys. Their office explained the legal process to her and expressed confidence in their ability to get her the best possible outcome on her case. As a result of their hard work and relentless effort, M.T.-A became a recipient of a full insurance policy settlement, and additional funds from her own supplementary policy. She thanked them for ferreting out all possible sources of payment.

When M.T-A. was informed of the settlement, she was very pleased. She thanked Hill & Moin for their stellar legal representation. She stated that she had an excellent experience with their office and praised their communication with her throughout her case. She stated that she would highly recommend Hill & Moin LLP to anyone who is looking for personal injury legal representation from one of the best law firms in New York.

Injured Bicyclist Switches Attorneys and the New Attorneys Hill and Moin Obtain $190,000.00 Settlement

November 30th, 2022 by

Ms. C.A.T., was riding her bicycle along Canal Street, New York, when she was struck by another bicycle and sustained a left arm fracture.

Unhappy with her original attorneys, Ms. C.A.T. contacted Hill and Moin who immediately addressed Ms. C.A.T’s concerns and pursued her remedy.

Ms. C.A.T. explained that Hill and Moin are incredibly professional attorneys and wonderful people to entrust her case. She is really thrilled with the outcome of the case.

Ms. C.A.T added that her phone calls were always answered, and concerns were always addressed in a timely manner, and the multilingual staff at Hill and Moin made the communication easier.

Ms. C.A.T. concluded that her experience at Hill and Moin has been a memorable and lucrative one.