Horrific Car Accident Results in New Beginnings

March 30th, 2023 by

Sarah O. was on her way to work while sitting in the back seat of her coworker’s vehicle. She had no idea that one ride was going to change her life forever. Frighteningly, Sarah O. and her coworkers were impacted by a vehicle travelling an unsafe speed of 100 MPH! The high speed caused catastrophic injuries to the vehicle occupants, sending everyone in the vehicle to the emergency room. Upon arrival at the hospital, Sarah was found to have head, hip, and elbow injuries that kept her confined to bed for almost 2 months.

Seeking legal help, Sarah O. contacted Hill and Moin. The attorneys at Hill and Moin worked diligently, until Sarah was compensated for all she had experienced. In no time she received a settlement that will now help her fulfill her plans of buying a new home and taking a well-deserved vacation.

Insurance Carrier Tenders Full Policy for Injured Driver

January 26th, 2023 by

J.M. was driving with his mother in Queens, NY. While waiting for the red light to change, J.M. was unexpectedly rear-ended by another vehicle. Due to the intensity of the impact, J.M suffered injuries in his neck, back, and legs. J.M’s new routine now included recurring physical therapy and doctors’ appointments, in an effort to one day reach a point where he no longer will be in constant pain and discomfort.

J.M decided to hire legal representation and came across the Hill and Moin’s website. Once retained, Hill and Moin made it their mission to make sure J.M was compensated for the discomfort now part of his everyday life. Grateful for the hard work done by his attorneys, J.M recommends Hill and Moin to anyone seeking legal help. J.M was thrilled that Hill and Moin was able to put a smile back on his face after his unfortunate accident. He now plans to get his real estate license and move on in his life to a brighter future.

Driver involved in head-on collision accident happily receives excellent settlement within short period of time

January 18th, 2023 by

Mr. Fritzner Felix was the driver of a vehicle that was involved in a head-on collision between the intersection of Flatbush Avenue and Alton Place in Brooklyn.

Mr. Felix sustained a right shoulder tear as a result of the accident. He contacted Hill and Moin and received the best consultation and guidance.

Mr. Felix mentioned that choosing the right attorney can be an intimidating process and that he had a very pleasant journey with Hill and Moin throughout his case.

Mr. Fritzner concluded that anyone looking for an attorney with strong credentials, quick and professional representation should contact Hill and Moin right away!

Passenger Injured in Auto Rear-End Accident Receives Full Insurance Policy Settlement and More

December 5th, 2022 by

M.T-A. was a passenger in a vehicle that was on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. There was heavy traffic at the time. Another vehicle rear-ended the vehicle she was in and as a result, she suffered neck pain, head pain, back pain, a partial tear in her left shoulder and a torn left meniscus that required surgery.

M.T-A. began seeking legal representation for this accident. She reached out to a colleague who recommended her to Hill & Moin LLP. When she called their office, they immediately set up an appointment for her to come to the office and meet the staff and attorneys. Their office explained the legal process to her and expressed confidence in their ability to get her the best possible outcome on her case. As a result of their hard work and relentless effort, M.T.-A became a recipient of a full insurance policy settlement, and additional funds from her own supplementary policy. She thanked them for ferreting out all possible sources of payment.

When M.T-A. was informed of the settlement, she was very pleased. She thanked Hill & Moin for their stellar legal representation. She stated that she had an excellent experience with their office and praised their communication with her throughout her case. She stated that she would highly recommend Hill & Moin LLP to anyone who is looking for personal injury legal representation from one of the best law firms in New York.

Man Riding Electric Scooter Involved in Collision with Vehicle Making U-Turn Receives Full Insurance Policy Settlement

August 17th, 2022 by

C.R. was driving his electric scooter westbound on East 149th Street. A vehicle that was parked attempted to exit its parking spot and appeared to attempt a U-turn. This attempt resulted in a collision due to C.R. not having enough time to slow down or go around the vehicle. Police and ambulance were called to the scene. This accident resulted in C.R. suffering a dislocated right hip that required immediate hospitalization, surgery, and months of physical therapy.

C.R.’s knew that he would need legal representation from a personal injury law firm with decades of experience and knowledge. They searched online and found Hill & Moin LLP’s website. They were impressed with Hill & Moin’s list of settlements and verdicts. C.R.’s family called Hill & Moin, and the office immediately sprang into action. Their staff reassured his family that their goal was to obtain the full insurance policy proceeds quickly. Thanks to Hill & Moin’s relentless work, C.R. became the recipient of a full insurance policy settlement in 9 months.

When C.R. was informed of the news, he was happy and thanked Hill & Moin. He stated that Hill & Moin did a great job handling his case. C.R. plans to renew his security license and possibly purchase an RV. C.R. stated that he would recommend Hill & Moin to anyone who is looking for personal injury legal representation from one of the best law firms in the tri-state area.

Restaurant Worker Struck and Dragged by Reversing Garbage Truck Receives Astounding $4.85 Million Settlement!

August 8th, 2022 by

G.D. had finished working his afternoon shift as a hard-working restaurant worker and stopped by a deli to buy some beverages. He then headed home. He began to cross the street when a garbage truck that was going in reverse struck him. With great horror, G.D. was caught by the front of the truck and dragged to the next intersection. G.D. was catastrophically injured, losing his right leg below the knee.

Knowing that G.D. needed a well-respected law firm with a depth of experience, the family did meticulous research and realized that Hill & Moin was the most talented firm in New York City. A hospital interview with the senior trial attorney gave the family the assurances that they needed. Spanish speaking staff gave G.D. the comfort he needed at a time of great sorrow. Thanks to Hill & Moin’s dedicated team, G.D. became the recipient of a $4.85 million settlement in less than a year.

When G.D. was informed of the settlement, he knew that his life had changed and that he would have security for the rest of his life. He stated that Hill & Moin did an outstanding job handling his case. He now has the will to live and even plans on opening a restaurant in his hometown. G.D. stated that he would absolutely recommend Hill & Moin to anyone who is in search for the highest quality legal representation in the metropolitan area.

Pedestrian Struck by Vehicle That Mounted Sidewalk Receives Full Insurance Policy Settlement

June 9th, 2022 by

A.P. had finished working out at the gym and began to head home. He was walking down the street when a swerving vehicle drove onto the sidewalk and struck him. A.P. suffered a fractured knee requiring hospitalization and surgery.

While recovering. A.P. did meticulous internet research and came to the conclusion that the best NYC firm for him, would be Hill & Moin LLP, whose senior partners had decades of experience in complex personal injury litigation. Their Google reviews were all stellar and instilled confidence in him.

He met with an attorney from the firm and they fought for him all the way. The full insurance policy was paid on less than a year. A.P knew that he had retained the right firm, with a kind and helpful staff. It is no wonder that A.P. added his own five star review to Google!

Yoga Enthusiast Receives Full Policy Settlement After Car Accident

March 29th, 2022 by

J. Kinney, a 39-year-old academic administrator living in Manhattan, was crossing a street on her way to yoga class when she was struck by a car, injuring her pelvic bone. She sat on the curb in pain until the police and ambulance responded.

Soon after the accident, J. Kinney began to search online for a law firm to help her with her case. After seeing our great online reviews, J. decided that Hill & Moin, LLP, was the right firm to represent her. The team at Hill & Moin, LLP, worked together to explain J.’s case thoroughly when she had questions and check up on her to get medical updates. After a few short months, the attorneys at Hill & Moin, LLP contacted J. to let her know that she would be receiving the driver’s full insurance policy amount.

J. Kinney was very pleased to hear of the resolution of her claim and looks forward to using the settlement to again pursue her passions for fitness, yoga, and cycling, which she loved before the accident.

Driver Involved in Auto Collision Accident with a USPS truck Receives $590,000 Settlement In Federal Court

July 30th, 2021 by


Mark Campbell was driving his vehicle on Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn. While yielding the right of way to an emergency ambulance at the intersection of Atlantic Ave and Rochester Ave, his vehicle was rear-ended by a USPS driver. This auto accident resulted in Mark Campbell sustaining injuries to his back that eventually required Mark to undergo surgery.

Because of his suffering, Mark Campbell sought to find a law firm that could provide excellent legal representation. He met with another attorney, who recommended he immediately contact Hill & Moin LLP. Upon meeting our accident lawyers at Hill & Moin LLP, Mark Campbell was happy to learn that we have had decades of experience working on cases such as his. After tirelessly working on Mark’s case, Hill & Moin LLP was able to successfully resolve his case with a settlement of $590,000.

Mark Campbell was elated to learn that Hill & Moin LLP was able to obtain to secure this settlement, greatly exceeding his expectations. Mark Campbell’s experience with Hill & Moin LLP was extremely pleasant and would highly recommend that anyone who is a victim of a personal injury accident retain Hill & Moin LLP in order to obtain the best results possible.

Passenger in Vehicle Involved in Auto Collision Accident Receives $125,000 Full Insurance Policy Limit Settlement

June 14th, 2021 by

Derrick D. was a passenger in a vehicle driving on East 92nd Street in Brooklyn. As the vehicle entered the intersection on Farragut Road, another vehicle collided with it. This motor vehicle accident resulted in Derrick D. suffering a fractured femur injury that required immediate transport by ambulance to Brookdale Hospital to undergo surgery.

Derrick D. began his search for an experienced law firm with decades of experiences that provides excellent legal representation. His friend, who was former client of our office, recommended Hill & Moin. Upon receipt of the call, Hill & Moin immediately met with the client at the hospital and began working on his case to obtain the best possible result. Thanks to Hill & Moin’s dedicated and hardworking staff, Derrick D. became the recipient of a $125,000 settlement, the full insurance policy limit.

Upon learning the outcome of his case, Derrick D. was ecstatic and amazed by how Hill & Moin expeditiously obtained the full insurance policy limit settlement in only 6 months, exceeding his expectations. He could not wait to receive his settlement check. He commended Hill & Moin’s hospitality and superb legal representation stating that the staff was very welcoming and answered his questions and concerns. Derrick D. highly recommends that anyone who is a victim of a personal injury accident to contact Hill & Moin and let them fight for you!