Passenger in Cab Rear-Ended in Accident Receives Full Policy Settlement

April 16th, 2021 by

J.R. flagged a cab down the street to head home. He was relaxing and enjoying the ride until the cab encountered stop and go traffic on the entryway to the highway. The vehicle in front of the cab stopped short and the cab also stopped to avoid collision. Unfortunately, the vehicle behind the cab did not stop in time and rear ended the cab. This accident resulted in J.R. suffering injuries to his neck, right shoulder, right wrist and a bulging cervical disc in his spine.

J.R. decided to seek well known and proven legal representation and was recommended to Hill & Moin. He called their office and Hill & Moin began considering the best methods to reach the most favorable outcome. Thanks to their dedication and hard work, J.R. became the recipient of the full policy settlement.

Upon learning the outcome of his case, J.R. was happy and surprised by how quickly Hill & Moin obtained the full policy settlement. He described working with Hill & Moin as great and commended their excellent communication skills. J.R. would absolutely recommend Hill & Moin to anyone who was injured in a personal injury accident and is in need of proven and professional legal representation.

Construction Worker Falls from a Truck Flatbed, Receives $625,000

March 18th, 2021 by

Jose Urena was a union construction worker and truck driver. While at work, he was loading the back of his truck with construction materials. Like many construction workers and truck drivers, he was not given adequate safety equipment as required by New York’s Labor Laws. Suddenly, Mr. Urena was bumped by the materials being loaded. He lost his balance and began to fall. Without any safety equipment provided to him, Mr. Urena fell from his truck bed down to the street.

Mr. Urena sustained injuries to his left shoulder, back, and neck resulting in a surgery. Mr. Urena was unable to work and needed help. He needed highly skilled attorneys familiar with construction site accidents. His worker’s compensation attorney knew to call Hill & Moin LLP, a firm which has helped thousands of hurt workers obtain serious compensation for their injuries. The highly skilled and experienced attorneys at Hill & Moin obtained Mr. Urena a $625,000 settlement for his case.

When asked about his experience with Hill & Moin, he described that he was, “impressed with how hard they fought for me.” He explained how informed he felt every time he called. Now, Mr. Urena plans on seeing his family in the Dominican Republic for the first time in four years. With this settlement, he hopes to open a hotel in Santiago. Mr. Urena states he would “100% recommend Hill & Moin to his friends and family”.

Wife of Star Cyclist Struck and Killed By Vehicle Receives Settlement of Full Insurance Policies

February 12th, 2021 by

Lisa S.’s husband, an experienced internationally known organizer of the NYC Five Boro Bike Tour lost his life while bicycling during a leisurely Sunday morning ride when a vehicle driver struck him and left the scene.

A close friend and attorney directed Lisa to Hill & Moin knowing that they would champion her cause in this challenging case. Her attorneys tackled the complicated insurance issues and delivered her a settlement of the full bodily injury and supplementary underinsurance policies to Lisa’s great satisfaction. She rated the firm as 5 stars, not only for the stellar legal representation but for the great hospitality of the staff as well.