Driver Injured in Speeding Vehicle Accident Receives $150K Settlement

October 7th, 2020 by

Cecile G. was responsibly driving east in Long Island on a sunny day enjoying the drive, when she was struck on the passenger side by a vehicle that had exited a parking lot. The collision caused Cecile G.’s car to strike another vehicle. Cecile G. sustained 5 fractured ribs and soft tissue injuries. Cecile G. would no longer able to go out, drive and enjoy doing her favorite activities.

Cecile G. knew of Hill & Moin’s superb reputation and retained their services. As a result of their hard work and dedication to securing the best possible outcome, even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Cecile G.’s case was settled for $150,000 much to her surprise.

Cecile G. was ecstatic upon learning the outcome of her case. She described Hill & Moin’s work on her case as “phenomenal”. She stated that all members of the office were very patient, kind and professional. They answered all her questions and left her feeling confident that her case was in good hands. Cecile G. plans to save her settlement proceeds during this trying time. Cecile G. stated she will highly recommend our office to any relatives or friends and anyone who are in need of highly experienced advocates.

Assistant Manager Who Tripped and Fell Due to Sidewalk Defect Walks Away with $775,000 Settlement

September 22nd, 2020 by

After finishing a long day of work as an assistant manager, A.F. looked forward to going home to relax and take care of her children. She missed the bus and decided to walk home. While walking, she tripped and fell due to a sidewalk defect. This would be the last walk she took for a very long time. As a result of this incident, A.F. suffered fractures to both of her ankles.

Acknowledging the extent of her injuries, A.F. knew that she would need highly regarded and well-known legal representation. She found the Hill & Moin website and was impressed. She called Hill & Moin and they immediately conducted an investigation and litigated with vigor. As a result of their drive to achieve the best possible results for their client, A.F.’s case was settled for $775,000.

Upon hearing the news, A.F. was ecstatic. She described her experience working with Hill & Moin as “great” citing their “very nice staff” who “answered her questions and were very responsive”. A.F plans on using her settlement proceeds to buy a house. A.F. stated that she would definitely recommend Hill & Moin to anyone who is in need of a firm that goes above and beyond for their clients.

Construction Worker Receives $650,000 Settlement After Falling From A Defective Ladder

September 14th, 2020 by

J.J. was a union carpenter. He was working on a job site framing a column with tracks while on a 6 ft. frame ladder. J.J., when given the 6 ft. ladder, asked for scaffolding or an 8 ft. ladder but was instructed to use what he was given as there was nothing else available. This ladder was old and wobbly with the feet worn smooth and the right brace bent. The ladder was not secure as the right brace would not lock in all the way and it came crashing down.

J.J. suffered injuries to his right ankle, left knee and back. J.J. knew he needed a lawyer who would work diligently to pursue a large compensation. The highly skilled construction law attorneys at Hill & Moin obtained a $650,000 settlement for J.J.. J.J. explained that the attorneys at Hill & Moin are “great” and he “appreciates all the hard work.” Additionally, J.J. was impressed by the communication he received throughout his case despite the COVID pandemic. With this settlement, J.J. plans to buy a house for his family.

Hill & Moin Fights and Wins Over Million Dollar Settlement for Construction Worker Who Fell From A Ladder

September 2nd, 2020 by

F.A. is a union laborer with over 20 years on the job. F.A. was at a commercial office building in Brooklyn working on a partial replacement of the air conditioning system fan line. He set up a 6 ft frame ladder which he had used before. As he was standing on the ladder, it collapsed sending F.A. tumbling to the ground landing on his back. The ladder was old and the safety lock was bent. He was quickly brought to the hospital by ambulance where he had stayed for three days.

As a result of the ladder collapse, F.A. suffered several and serious back injuries. F.A. would no longer be able to perform his long-time duties as a manual laborer and return to his prior occupation. Just sitting or standing caused F.A. much pain.

F.A. knew that he needed fierce and reliable attorneys to assist him in obtaining compensation for his life altering accident. Referred to Hill & Moin by another attorney, F.A. explained the employees and attorneys at Hill & Moin were “very nice and attentive.” F.A. will use his sizeable settlement on his kids.

27-Year-Old Bronx Resident Receives Half Million Dollar Settlement for a Trip and Fall Case on a Defective Sidewalk

September 2nd, 2020 by

P.M. was leaving work to go meet her cousin. P.M. suddenly found herself meeting the concrete as she hit the floor. Looking back, she could see her foot got caught in the broken up uneven area of the sidewalk which had caused her to trip and fall.

P.M. suffered a fractured ankle and underwent surgery. P.M. was confined to her bed for 4 months as she could not bear any weight on her ankle. An active young woman, now P.M. would suffer relentless pain every day.

P.M. found Hill & Moin and believed they were the best attorneys to litigate her case. With the help of Hill & Moin, P.M. was thrilled with her settlement of half a million dollars. Despite the stressful and difficult time she was going through, she had a “great experience” working with Hill & Moin who were quick to “answer all of her questions”. P.M. was extremely satisfied with the outcome of her case and might now be able to buy an apartment and hope for a better future.

City Sanitation Worker Injured in Slip & Fall Due to Defective Truck Step Receives $225,000 Settlement

August 28th, 2020 by

J.B. was getting ready to start his day cleaning up New York City streets as a city sanitation worker. He went to the sweeper truck assigned to him and began working tirelessly. J.B. had just began sweeping the streets that day. He attempted to board the truck after fixing the truck’s mirror but there was a defective step on the narrow stairs of this truck. Due to this defect, J.B.’s right foot slipped, and he fell backwards onto the street. As a result of this incident, J.B suffered a fractured right knee. He would no longer be able to continue cleaning NYC streets as he once loved.


J.B. was in search of high-quality and well-known representation and was recommended to call Hill & Moin. After speaking with them, Hill & Moin immediately began working on his case in order to effectively find the best resolution. As a result of their relentless hard work and professionalism, during the COVID-19 pandemic on top of that, J.B’s case settled for $225,000. J.B. was delighted regarding the outcome of his case and was eagerly waiting to pick up his check.


J.B. described working with Hill & Moin as “very great”. He added that he enjoyed working with them and that they were very responsive and answered of his legal and procedural questions. He cited the excellent staff there and thanked them for all their hard work. He stated that he felt as if he was part of the family. J.B. plans on using his settlement proceeds to invest in a house. J.B. stated that he would absolutely recommend anyone, whether it be friend, family or stranger, who is looking for experienced and professional representation to call Hill & Moin and join the ever-growing family.